What’s on your grocery list?

This week, I need tips from you. I’m heading out to the grocery store and have no idea what to get to make dinners this week. I like cooking… I just hate trying to be creative and figure out what to make at 4:30pm when my entire house falls into a spiraling vortex of screams and whines. This week, I want to have a plan. A list. Be ready when that hellish witching hour rolls around.

But all I can think to make is spaghetti and tacos. I’m sick of spaghetti and tacos.

What is on your meal plan this week? What are your unique grocery list staple items?

One thing we’ve been into lately is buying rice noodles and this nummy thai mix that you cook with coconut milk. I throw in some bite-sized chicken pieces that I’ve also cooked in the thai sauce. It’s yummers.

Okay, help a sista out. Hit me with your meal ideas, recipes, and/or shopping lists. I love hearing the staple dinners in one house that I would’ve never thought to try in ours!