Day One: Success!

Day One as a Working Mom: Success!

Oh my goodness, I had so much fun. I woke up and showered… alone. I got dressed and made myself look pretty… alone. I made my lunch and drove to work… alone. I went to the bathroom at work… alone. At lunch, I chose to sit in silence… alone.

I’d darn near venture to say that I’m getting paid to take a vacation.

Today, I learned a whole bunch of stuff about medical reception. I love the system of it all. The repetition of the basic idea, but the fact that no one interaction is going to be the same. I tried my hand and checking people in, answered a phone call, did some other administrativery stuff, and made up words in my head, such as “administrativery.”

I was greeted and welcomed by countless coworkers and told several times that I was doing a good job.

In short: I had a great day.

Then, at the end of it, I drove home, walked in the door and was greeted by hugs, kisses, and smiles.

And Clint?

Well, Clint had cleaned up the living room and done the dishes. The floor was swept. The kids were happy. He did a far better job than I normally do at home. I’m thoroughly impressed.

I’m excited to be working. It feels awesome. This new chapter in our lives is going to be pretty freaking cool.

On my 14th day of thanks, I’m grateful for a really cool place to work, for feeling included, and for being encouraged. (I’m also super thankful for my stud husband. He’s the shizzznit!)