Distractions: The good and the ugly.

Day Four of Clint’s Unemployment: It’s just a normal Saturday.

It struck me this morning how today seemed totally normal. Clint was home, but he was supposed to be home, since it’s Saturday. Our family dynamic was the same as it usually is on Saturday. It all seemed comfortingly normal. It helped that we had distractions all day long. Mine started first thing.

Jenny, Renee, and I had planned to run 9.5 miles on a route that I did last year when Jenny tried to kill me. I knew from the get-go how difficult this run was going to be. It didn’t help that I was already feeling emotionally and mentally exhausted before we even hit mile one. This run is the most excruciating, hilly run ever… and the worst of the hills appear in the last three miles, so we had already expended the effort to run six miles. I was struggling very hard. We got up one hill, turned the corner, and there was another hill, which I had already anticipated. This sucker is loooong and daunting.

“Shit,” I heard Renee whisper.

“Pick a mailbox to make it to,” Jenny coached.

I passed one mailbox and then made it to the next.

“This is my mailbox,” I said and began to walk. Then, out of nowhere, started to cry. Yes, I seriously cried. I was exhausted physically, I was exhausted mentally, I was feeling so depleted by the entire week that had passed.

My friends comforted me, I pulled myself together, and we continued on up the hill, only to turn to another hill, and hit a hiking trail that is, yes, you guessed it, all up hill.

“The pain is the reward!” Jenny called.

“I hate you!” I called back.

That was an excellent, but not-so-enjoyable distraction. (Though it felt great when we were done!)

Later, we had a birthday party for Lily, graciously hosted at Renee’s house, since ours is not conducive to any more than one family gathering at once. We had pizza, make-your-own ice cream, presents, and lots of good laughs. An excellent distraction and awesome to spend time with some of our closest friends and both grandmas, too!

Here are some shots from the fun evening:

These two both claim that they're going to marry Lily. Lily says that's okay with her.

Logan and Spidergirl!

Best buddies: Colby and Liam

"I yike ice cweeeam!"

The guys got a hold of my phone and decided I needed a picture of Clint's hiney. Now, Clint's hiney is on the internet. I win.

The twins were lovin' the ice cream treat!

Today I’m thankful for distractions, both the good and the ugly. It was nice to have a normal Saturday after such a weird few days last week.