Funny kids.

Day Three of Clint’s Unemployment: The Day of Hope

Despite a momentary sob-fest at Bible Study this morning, today was pretty tear-free for both Clint and me. Thankfully, today was quite the opposite of sad. Today, we found some hope.

  • We qualify for WIC again and will start receiving checks for food next week
  • We have medical figured out for our kids
  • Our friends continue to contact us with fantastic leads and ideas for jobs

It gets even better: I mailed my resume, cover letter, and references off to that clinic I mentioned yesterday. They called me at lunchtime today to set up an interview for Monday. I am SO stoked. I seriously know I would enjoy that job and have the personality to succeed in it. I can’t wait to go in and talk to them.

Clint was also contacted about an accounting job and will be chatting with that company on Monday.

The ball is rolling. We know what we need to do and we’re doing it. The rest is out of our hands and we’re okay with that.

What’s crazy about this, is that it has only been three days. Three measly days. To us, it feels like weeks, even months. I know we’re not the first or, unfortunately, the last people to go through this. I know that this has become sort of “normal” in today’s society. (How messed up is that?!) But for us, this is a whole new territory. A new way of thinking, a new acceptance of what is okay. It’s exhausting.

Tonight, I drove the kids to the airport to pick up my mom, who will be here for a little over a week (yay!). On the way down, my kids were absolutely cracking me up with the things they were saying.

For instance, when we had just hit the road, this conversation took place:

Lily: Mommy! Let’s pick Gramma off!
Me: Up, Lily. Pick Grandma up.

Later, Colby pointed to a semi truck that was carrying one of those big metal cargo containers.

Colby: Hey Mom, I bet that truck is bringing that to a train.
Me: You could be right, buddy! But how did you know that was the same container that the trains carry?
Colby: Because I’m the smartest boy in the world.
Me: Yes, Colby. Yes you are.
Colby: Plus, I seen dem a hundreds of times.

We were nearing the airport and Colby suddenly perked up. We were about a block from a hotel where all of the kids and I once stayed with my mom for a night.

Colby: Mom, I know dis place.
Me: You do?
Colby: We stayed in a hotel around here.
Me: You’re right, dude! Wow, that was almost a year ago. How do you know that’s where we are?
Colby: I know because I can feel it in my body. I been here a’fore.

Smart little sausage, that Colby.

On day 4 of my month of thanks, I’m thankful for my my kids’ sense of humor, even when they aren’t trying to be funny. Makes my day that much sweeter.