My ladies.

Day Two of Clint’s Unemployment: The day of le sigh.

This was my fortune at dinner. I'm not sure I want *everything* to come my way. Sounds overwhelming.

It didn’t occur to me until much of the day had passed, that I had been sighing a lot more often than I normally do. These were big sighs, too, and at random times. It was almost as if I had been trying to work things out in my head so thoroughly that I had forgotten to take adequate breaths, hence the need for the sigh.

Today, there were more tears. The stress level has been considerably higher. The realization that there are so many things we need to figure out in a very short amount of time has hit us full-force. This freaking sucks butt.

Thankfully, our friends and family have completely rallied around us. We have people from California to South Carolina tracking down CPA jobs for Clint. People as close as our own family and as obscure as my first boyfriend’s cousin’s friend… He has had two leads today.

Some of the ladies from our Bible Study group. Fun times!

I applied at Starbucks and a local clinic. I’d honestly really like to work. It would be nice to get out there and do some bread-winning for a change. I’m hopeful that the right opportunity will open up for me, if that’s what’s going to be best for us.

So, yesterday, after breaking the news to friends, Hayley, a fellow twin mom, brought me an eggnog latte. That night, Jenny treated me to dinner and brainstormed different ideas for jobs. Tonight, my friend Amy took me to dinner before we met up with the other ladies of our Bible study for some wine tasting and walking around downtown.

Clint says, “Maybe I should lose my job more often. You’re making out on this deal.”

Truly, I am. I fully realize that. At the same time, though, it’s something I need. Clint needs my support and my listening ear. I need to feel supported, too, and although he can and will support me, it’s his turn to be the broken one. So, I’m getting support from others and in turn, able to more thoroughly be there for my man.

It’s a circle of support, the very definition of community, I think.

On day three of my month of thankfulness, I’m thankful for my ladies. I know this kind of piggy-backs on yesterday’s thanks, but really, support is what’s getting us through right now, what’s helping us to know that we’re not alone on our own sad little island. I am thankful for the girl chats over coffee or during runs, the random acts of kindness, the babysitting offers, and the fantastic, enriching conversations I have with my girly friends.

So, to all of you ladies in cyberspace and “real life,” I am thankful for you.