Sticker shock!

Having a job lined up for me has definitely given us some breathing room, but only a little. One thing that we’ve been discussing a lot the past couple of days, is what we’re going to do for childcare when Clint does go back. Today, I shopped around to some daycare facilities and started pricing nannies.

Holy Gs, Batman!

I purposefully started at the most expensive place in town to have a jumping-off point.

$2,500 for 3 kids during the day and Colby before and after school.


The next place (that I loved) offered the same services and was $2,100.


I wrote up an ad to put on one of those nanny sites, intending to hold it until we knew for sure when we’d need the help, but apparently I submitted it. I wrote that I wanted someone to come to our house and be here with the kiddos, play, go to the park, etc. I said that we wanted to pay about $1,000.

I got two responses (that I had to then respond back to and say, “Sorry! I’m a dingbat for accidentally submitting this prematurely!”). One of the responses looked incredibly promising.

The idea of a daycare, where I can drop the kids off, where they’ll feed them and have them in a school-like setting, where I can run errands or go home and clean the house before I pick them up… it’s so very appealing.

Then again, someone who will hang out at our house, be here for Colby when he gets home, be here on the days when we have to work and Colby doesn’t have school, who will give them one-on-one attention… man, that sounds appealing, too.

What it all comes down to, though, is my thankful thought for today:

I am so very, very thankful that I have been able to be there with my kids every single day up to this point. I’m thankful that they’re at an age where I feel okay putting them in the care of someone else. I’m also thankful that I don’t have any more than four kids… these punks are expensive!