Well, yesterday got worse.

‘Member my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day yesterday? ‘Member how Zander pooped in the toy bucket and the whole day seemed hellish, but my friend Renee saved the day by being so awesome?

Yeah, well, yesterday got worse.

Clint walked in while I was rearranging our kids’ rooms and trying to make some semblance of organization amidst the chaos. He gave me a smirk, similar to the one he gave me when I started giving our kitchen a facelift, but this smirk was a little bit different. I knew what he was going to say long before he said it.

He helped me move a bed into the next room and I ordered the kids to clean up the room they were in. I closed the door to the room Clint and I were in.

“I have bad news,” he said.

“Okay,” I replied.

“I got laid off today. I don’t have a job anymore.”

Then, he did something that, in the 12 1/2 years I’ve known him, I’ve seen him do just twice: Cry.

I can’t take it when dudes cry. It kills me.

As quickly as the tears came, they were gone. I opened the door and called excitedly to the kids, “Guess what you guys? Daddy is on vacation from work for a little while! We get to see him soooo much!”

They all responded by bum-rushing him with hugs and kisses and cheers and “Will you take me to school tomorrow, Daddy?”

The next couple of hours after that were spent fixing up the rooms, cleaning up and putting kids to bed. We didn’t really have time to think about it. There really wasn’t anything to think about. I mean, obviously he’s going to search for a new job. That’s all we knew… that’s all we know.

When we had a minute to breathe, we did the only other thing we know how to do in a scary situation: laugh.

Wyatt, our little drama king, cries at bedtime without fail. Last night, he was really making a scene of it.

“Welp, sounds like Wyatt’s dying,” I said in a matter-of-fact tone, “Guess that’s one less mouth to feed.”

A little later while we searched job openings on CraigsList, Clint asked, “I’m wondering… how much do you think we could get for our kids if we put up an ad for them on CraigsList?”

“I dunno,” I replied, “They are pretty darn cute.”

We were in shock. We’re still in shock.

Day one of unemployment: We walk around the house in a daze, occasionally making eye contact and asking each other out loud or in our heads, “Now what?”

He filed for unemployment this morning. Filling out that application was surreal. Highest level of education: Bachelor’s. Main occupation: Accountant, CPA. This isn’t right. This doesn’t make sense.

I contacted the bank to put a hold on our mortgage payments. We’re getting our ducks in a row and figuring it all out piece by piece.

Thankfully, we have an incredible outpouring of support, prayers and love from our friends. That’s where we’re at right now. All we can think about is right this minute. The rest is too overwhelming.

Today, on my second day of thanks, I’m thankful for our support system. I am truly not worried about what will happen. We might lose our house, we might feel a huge pinch for quite some time, but I know we won’t fall. I know our family, our friends, and our community are there for us. That’s a pretty amazing feeling.

Say a prayer for us, if you’re the praying type. In a weird way, it’s a relief that he isn’t working there anymore. It was a horrible work environment and he needed to get out. Now, we have him home for a little while and we can start on a new adventure.