Tree Farm Cheaters

It was around the time when kid #2 came along that I gave up the idea of going to a farm every year to chop down our own tree. That was what I had grown up doing and I have fond memories of candy canes and coco and that freshly cut tree smell. When the twins came along, any inkling of tree farm hope I had held disappeared. Love my kids and their busy-ness… don’t love the idea of going out in the freezing cold to a super muddy farm to try and pick out a tree while simultaneously trying to chase down runaway two-year-olds and prevent them from getting stabbed by wayward saws or otherwise injured by stumps or other random tree farm paraphernalia.

Today, we continued what has become our yearly Christmas Tree Search tradition. Dressed in warm clothes, tie-downs and ropes all ready to go in the van, we loaded up and headed to…

Home Depot.

You laugh, but I crap you not, it is the best way to get a tree when you have four under seven. First, we’re still outside, so we get that whole experience of being outdoors, but there’s concrete instead of mud. The kids can run around the aisles of already chopped down trees and not escape because the entire garden area is closed off. There were even cups of cocoa and cider to sip on. Srsly. It’s the way to go.

And pictures? Oh yeah, you can still get great “tree farm” photos. You just have to know how to zoom.

Picking out our Home Depot Christmas tree!

Lily & her cider.

Zander & Wyatt

Aside from the enormous signature-orange Home Depot flatbed cart, you cannot even tell we wussed out and didn’t go to the tree farm, right?

I think I like this tradition of ours. Feels super American… yanno, big business retail, Home Depot, Tim Allen “har har har,” and all that. Plus, it’s half the stress and all of the memories! Win!