I’m here! I swear!

Heather harassed me on Facebook… asked me to come back to the internet.

Since I like her so much, I’m posting this here blog post.

I know, I’ve been away. I’ve all but abandoned you. You know what? It has been eating me alive.


I think about the fact that I’ve been neglecting my blog constantly. It has also been a source for some serious guilt. My blog is Silly Mom Thoughts and I’ve been writing funny stories about my kids. Now that I’m working full-time, my funny kid stories are seriously lacking, because I’m simply not with them as often as before.

Now, the time I do spend with them is so precious, that I’m soaking it all in instead of writing it all down and capturing moments on camera.

It’s killing me, because although on one hand it’s nice to be in the moment, on the other, I know that the moments are fleeting and I’ll want to remember them down the road.

Such a conundrum.

So, I’ve decided to stop obsessing over how many posts I write and how many FB fans I have. I’ve decided that when I write a post, I’ll do it because I really want to (like this one, though Heather’s encouragement helped, too), not because I feel obligated to. I’ve decided that’s the kind of blogger I’m going to be. I had hopes of being one of the major bloggers out there. I honestly believe that I’m pretty high on the blog totem pole with many of those bloggers still, but really, that’s not what I’m about. That’s not my purpose for this blog or my life. I’ve had to swallow my pride a bit to realize that.

Okay, enough of that. Quick update?

I’m still in love with my job. Love, love, love it. Even despite the occasional screaming patient (“I’m sorry that you didn’t receive your prescription, let me help fix that for you… No, sir, I am not actually an idiot… I’m very sorry, ma’am, if you’ll calm down, I’d love to help you… Ma’am if you don’t shut up, I’m going to kick you in the lady balls…”) and the inevitable office drama that crops up, this job rules. The clinic I work for is incredible. The people are warm, helpful, and friggin’ smart. I love it.

Clint’s job is equally amazing. He has been welcomed with open arms. On the paystub of his first check, his boss hand-wrote, “Your first of many. Welcome to the team!” Yeah, he finally has a great place to go to work.

The kids seem to be doing pretty well at daycare. It has definitely been a transition, but everyone seems to be finding their place there. They are so proud to tell me their behavior reports at the end of the day, to show me their work, and tell us all about the cool things they did. Today’s big news was that Colby’s classmate Elena lost her tooth at school. Woah. That’s front page Kindergarten news if I ever heard it!

Our lives aren’t done being completely thrown for a loop, though. With an enormous leap of faith and a call from a very awesome realtor friend, our house is currently on the market and we’re on the search for a bigger place to rent. I’ll have more on this story later, not really ready to divulge the whole thing yet.

In addition to all of this, working in the clinic has only furthered my huge desire to work in medicine. It is absolutely killing me that I sit behind the desk and can’t physically help the patients. I researched like crazy to see if I could go back to school to become a doctor and Clint even gave the OK, but after talking to doctor friends, I decided that the quality of life we’d have as a family while I was in school simply wouldn’t be great. I love my marriage and my kids too much to put them through that for so many years.

So, I decided to look into becoming a Medical Assistant instead. I could do a whole lot at the clinic, nursing, etc. and it would still give me a pretty decent taste of the medical field. Plus, I could always go further later and get an RN or become a ARNP.

That’s where our lives are headed right now. It’s exciting and terrifying all at the same time. I promise that I won’t abandon this blog completely, but know that although my posts will be further in between from here on out, that when I do post, it’ll be worth reading.

Thank you so much for being such great readers, fans, and a huge source of encouragement for me. Know that if I could clone myself and post every single day just to make you laugh, I would.