Tooth Fairy? Help!

I had always expected that I’d have time to prepare for my baby to loose his first tooth. (Sorry, Colbs, you may be 6, but you’ll always be my baby.) I expected agonizing weeks of an increasingly wiggly tooth, followed by that final sinew breaking free.

As it turns out, that’s not the story for Colby’s first tooth. We didn’t have

The bad news: Colby had to have a tooth pulled. The good news: ICE CREAM!

dental coverage for quite some time, and the second we did, I made appointments. Turns out, Colby had two teeth with nasty infections. Today, he had one pulled and they’re doing a wait-and-see on the other one.

He was a trooper. Seriously, a total stud. We came home and had pudding, ice cream, applesauce, and Fudgcicles. Kid heaven.

We also came home with a prematurely lost molar and a little dude who knows this means the tooth fairy is making a pitstop at our house tonight.

Since Colby’s our oldest, we have a clean, fresh slate for tooth fairy fun. So, I’m asking you, my super creative and fun readers, what do you do when your kid looses a tooth? How much does the tooth fairy pay? Does she/he give money or toys or something else? How are the goods delivered? And, most important…

What the heck do you, I mean, erm, um the tooth fairy do with the tooth?!

I wanna hear it, and the sooner the better. Bedtime is in 4 hours and counting…