I’m here! I swear!

Heather harassed me on Facebook… asked me to come back to the internet. Since I like her so much, I’m posting this here blog post. I know, I’ve been away. I’ve all but abandoned you. You know what? It has been eating me alive. Read More  Read More

This is how we parent.

So, the transition has gone okay… but there has definitely been some adjustment. Of course, just as Barney Stinson (aka NPH, the hottest man ever) says on How I Met Your Mother “New is always better.” Colby thought so, too, when he started in his new Kindergarten class. Everything was new and exciting to him and he behaved very well. Then… Tuesday, when I picked Colby up from daycare, he immediately said, “Mom, I got a red card today.”... Read More

Tree Farm Cheaters

It was around the time when kid #2 came along that I gave up the idea of going to a farm every year to chop down our own tree. That was what I had grown up doing and I have fond memories of candy canes and coco and that freshly cut tree smell. When the twins came along, any inkling of tree farm hope I had held disappeared. Love my kids and their busy-ness… don’t love the idea of going out in the freezing cold to a super muddy farm to try... Read More

My Kids, Santa’s Elves

Whew, this has been quite a transition for all of us. Clint played stay-at-home-dad for a couple of weeks, then, last Thursday we started the kiddos in daycare. Clint was home for Thursday and Friday so we could do a first-run of how daycare will work without him having to also start his first day at his new job. Then, Monday, he became a working man again, I continued on my job, the kids continued at daycare, and Colby started a new Kindergarten... Read More

Sometimes, Good Things Happen to Good People

When this whole unemployment thing started, we hunkered down for the long haul. We immediately hooked up unemployment benefits, medical insurance, and WIC. We put holds on bills that we could wait to pay and paid minimums on others. Let’s face it: This economy sucks and you just never know when you’ll be able to find a job. Then, I was hired at my job. Read More  Read More

I know my weakness.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the internet. I love connecting. I love having conversations. I love sharing blogs and photos. I love promoting other people and myself. I just plain love it and think it’s an incredible tool and a luxury, too. When I accepted my job, I knew very well that would mean a significant decrease in my online time. I admit, I was concerned that I would miss being online and feeling connected. Straight off the... Read More

Day One: Success!

Day One as a Working Mom: Success! Oh my goodness, I had so much fun. I woke up and showered… alone. I got dressed and made myself look pretty… alone. I made my lunch and drove to work… alone. I went to the bathroom at work… alone. At lunch, I chose to sit in silence… alone. I’d darn near venture to say that I’m getting paid to take a vacation. Read More  Read More

Sticker shock!

Having a job lined up for me has definitely given us some breathing room, but only a little. One thing that we’ve been discussing a lot the past couple of days, is what we’re going to do for childcare when Clint does go back. Today, I shopped around to some daycare facilities and started pricing nannies. Holy Gs, Batman! Read More  Read More

One step closer.

I can’t believe it’s only been one week since Clint was laid off. One week ago, we were still in shock… we were still coming to grips with what his unemployment could mean for us. It’s incredible what a difference a week makes. Ready for some good news? Me, too. Read More  Read More

Productivity rules!

Day Six of Clint’s Unemployment: The Day of Gettin’ it Done. This morning, we woke up… well, we woke up to, “‘Mergency! ‘Mergency! The babies took their clothes off! They’re naked!” After that situation was reconciled, the morning went off without a hitch. Two kids to school. Fed other two kiddos snacks. Clint had a phone call with a company and that was great. Picked Lily up, ate lunch. Made phone calls.... Read More

I slept 11 hours (& our church rules).

Immediately after I blogged last night, I fell asleep on the couch next to Clint who has, for some reason that still remains a mystery to me, decided to start playing Shining Force on the Sega Genesis again. Yes, Sega. Like, the old-school video game console. Sonic the Hedgehog style. (Warning: Digression ahead.) One thing I find incredibly comforting is falling asleep on the couch. It took a long while of being married before Clint understood that.... Read More

Distractions: The good and the ugly.

Day Four of Clint’s Unemployment: It’s just a normal Saturday. It struck me this morning how today seemed totally normal. Clint was home, but he was supposed to be home, since it’s Saturday. Our family dynamic was the same as it usually is on Saturday. It all seemed comfortingly normal. It helped that we had distractions all day long. Mine started first thing. Jenny, Renee, and I had planned to run 9.5 miles on a route that I did... Read More

Funny kids.

Day Three of Clint’s Unemployment: The Day of Hope Despite a momentary sob-fest at Bible Study this morning, today was pretty tear-free for both Clint and me. Thankfully, today was quite the opposite of sad. Today, we found some hope. We qualify for WIC again and will start receiving checks for food next week We have medical figured out for our kids Our friends continue to contact us with fantastic leads and ideas for jobs It gets even better:... Read More

My ladies.

Day Two of Clint’s Unemployment: The day of le sigh. This was my fortune at dinner. I'm not sure I want *everything* to come my way. Sounds overwhelming. It didn’t occur to me until much of the day had passed, that I had been sighing a lot more often than I normally do. These were big sighs, too, and at random times. It was almost as if I had been trying to work things out in my head so thoroughly that I had forgotten to take adequate... Read More

Well, yesterday got worse.

‘Member my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day yesterday? ‘Member how Zander pooped in the toy bucket and the whole day seemed hellish, but my friend Renee saved the day by being so awesome? Yeah, well, yesterday got worse. Read More  Read More